Become a Ruthless Shopper

Salespeople are trained to sell. This is what they do for a living. They master effective sales techniques. Foolproof tactics are used to play on our insecurity. Seasoned salespeople can quickly guess your annual income by your shoes. Too often a salesgirl has critically eyed my bag, which is often stained by leaky baby bottles, smears of carrot puree, and doodles drawn by an eye pencil, and moved to another customer in pretty shoes and well-pressed pants, abandoning me on the grounds that I do not look wealthy enough.

Many women put on their best shoes and clutch their priciest bags when they go shopping, hoping to receive a little bit of the personal touch from salespeople. Luckily, salespeople who work with organic beauty products are less likely to employ brutal sales techniques. They won’t tell you that a particular color will solve your makeup dilemmas.

But when it comes to buying organic beauty products, they will insist that everything is completely natural and that only the best, purest ingredients are used. Don’t take their word for it. Scrutinize, compare, and don’t be afraid to reject. Now it’s time to apologize to salespeople out there. Most of them earn minimal wages, and their livelihood depends on how many moisturizers and shampoos they sell.

While most of them enjoy what they are doing, they rarely get adequate training to give you honest, trustworthy, unbiased information. When I made my living working in an upscale department store, I knew only two salespeople whose educational backgrounds were related to beauty. One of them, a dermatologist with a PhD from Belarus, was a sales consultant with a semi natural, upscale skin care line, and the other was a talented, professional makeup artist who was selling makeup.

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Final Words:
How to withstand the pressure from that side of a store counter? I’ve found that requesting a box of a product so you can read the ingredient list yourself works best. Strong self-esteem and independent information on what works and what doesn’t can save you humiliation and loss of money. Do not let salespeople manipulate you. It’s your skin that you need to take care of.

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