How Many Moisturizers Do We Need?

In general, any product that hydrates the skin on your face will do the same for the rest of your body. However, better facial moisturizers usually contain a higher concentration of active ingredients. Even if you choose to improve your existing moisturizer, would you waste $100 worth of colloidal gold to dilute it in ten ounces of body lotion and get a concentration that will nullify all the goodness of this precious extract, or would you rather infuse your facial cream with this potent ingredient and see real results?

Of course, you can use many body products on your face and vice versa. Wou can take a perfectly green body lotion—the one without preservatives, synthetic fragrance, and mineral oil—and turn it into a powerful facial cream by adding antioxidants and soothing plant extracts.

Be creative. Your only limitation may be the price (the ingredients in facial creams are probably too expensive to lavish on your entire epidermis) and texture (many body moisturizers, especially those for hands and feet, are too heavy; extra oils could travel into your eyes or even clog your pores). It’s impossible to stock a moisturizer for every condition of your skin.

This way, you will need an artist’s brush and loads of time to precisely apply an oil-absorbing, pore-tightening gel on your nose, an antiaging, lightening serum and a coating of SPF on your cheeks and forehead, a rich ant wrinkle cream around your mouth and on your neck, and a lightweight antioxidant serum under your eyes. Who has the time or money to do that daily?

I firmly believe that a good, decently formulated moisturizer can be safely and beneficially used on all areas of your face. If you have a challenging skin problem, simply add a face oil blend or a serum suitable for this condition.

Final Speech:
The following products contain a lot of antioxidant and soothing agents that help regulate sebum production, relieve inflammation, and prevent premature aging. You will find more about antiaging green skin care and green ways to handle acne later in this chapter.

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