Is BitQL Bitcoin Robot A Scam?

It is possible to learn how to become a Bitcoin investor and trade cryptocurrencies by using BitQL, a platform that enables you to do both simultaneously. The use of trading robots creates an avenue to become a Bitcoin investor seamlessly; the only task you require is to make an initial deposit and select an investment plan of your choice.

As a result of the general public’s concern about the surge in online fraud, they have always made the incorrect assumption that BitQL is a scam. However, because BitQL is a real trading platform, none have located anything of the sort.

But, hold on a sec, is BitQL Bitcoin Robot a scam, as some people have previously suggested?

No, it is not a scam. And this is evident as investors frequently buy and sell bitcoins in the cryptocurrency market via BitQL. For this reason, BitQL is gaining enormous popularity and has risen to become the most talked-about topic in the market right now.

Many individuals and potential investors go online to see BitConnect for further information and genuine reviews of BitQL’s legitimacy because some rumors claim it is a scam. Fortunately,  it has benefited many in generating significant profits. And those already functioning on this platform have expressed their satisfaction with its service.

What exactly does it do since it is not a scam?

The answer to this question is, to say the least, rather interesting. BitQL’s algorithm’s design enables it to freely scour the internet for websites with the lowest bitcoin rates available for purchase. In contrast, it automatically refers you to the sites that offer the best rates when it is time to sell bitcoin.

It also functions interestingly with other digital currencies available on the market, not just with bitcoin. And it has been found, as testified by its regular users, that it saves time and energy during the analysis stage of trading, especially when searching for the best websites for buying and selling bitcoins. 

So, what are the differentiating characteristics that distinguish BitQL from other trading software?

1.   Withdrawal of money and profits is a possibility.

Many users have verified and proven that the withdrawal of capital and profits is legitimate. It is the standard operating procedure for scammers to deceive their naive victims into funding their accounts, following which they begin to make a variety of excuses or delay payment.

BitQL will verify your identity when you have completed submitting all of the required information on the platform. After that, you can quickly withdraw funds from your account and deposit them into another account. Fortunately, you can conduct transactions daily and have all of your profits and trading capital credited to your account right away.

2.   A high level of security and encryption is employed to protect personal information and credit card information on BitQL.

The BitQL application enjoys adequate protection by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. It ensures the website is secured against any threat, making BitQL a reliable trading platform. This security measure guarantees that you will not fall victim to any scamming scheme, hence perfectly securing your investment. It also safely protects your sensitive information on the site because third-party applications are not involved. Only a legitimate trading platform will go to such lengths to protect its members’ personal information and accounts.

3.    Access to the Demonstration Account (optional).

The absence of a demo section is a distinguishing characteristic of bogus trading websites that defraud their customers. The BitQL website offers a demo trading environment where users can trade with virtual money. By selecting this option, you can gain practical experience with cryptocurrency trading bots. If you are a newbie interested in day trading, you will learn how to trade in the cryptocurrency market in this section. Based on their experience, pros will be able to appraise the viability of the BitQL crypto robot. Having access to a demo version of the BitQL crypto robot will assist you in becoming more comfortable with the BitQL platform before beginning live trading with it.

4.   Outstanding Customer Service Capability with the Ability to Deliver Unrivaled Performance

The BitQL cryptocurrency trading platform boasts a first-class customer care department. In addition to a live chat line, it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The customer service representatives respond to most email inquiries within 60 minutes. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one or a combination of methods listed above to get in touch with their representative.

It then implies that BitQL has a verified address for contact and that you can easily trace the software to its root without any difficulty.

5.   Great customer feedbacks countlessly flood third-party websites.

Apart from that, according to BitQL users’ testimonials, the robot’s ratings and reviews on third-party rating and review websites are excellent and even pretty high for a crypto robot. Users have provided overwhelmingly positive reviews, with many praising the platform’s accuracy and validity as being particularly noteworthy. And this further demonstrates that it is a legitimate trading source.

Should I make significant financial investments in BitQL?

Even if you have the financial means to make significant investments, the rule of thumb recommends that you begin with smaller investments and work your way up to larger ones. Not everyone should make substantial investments because dealing with a volatile currency is always risky. You may also have to cope with a considerable loss. As a result, you should play safe when you put all of your money into BitQL.


BitQL got put through a thorough investigation process. And all of these evaluations have proven that the BitQL robot is, in fact, a legitimate service. A continuous assessment of the legitimacy and integrity of the information on its official webpage would continue to receive good marks. An excellent practice as a new trader is to see BitConnect for further details on how it has received widespread appreciation for its performance, reputation, openness, customer service, and overall safety as automated trading software.

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