How To Draft And Manage A Victorious Team In Fantasy Cricket

The scope of sports is no longer limited to having a quality time pass or mood upliftment, but people are using their skills for income and fame. No wonder we see so many live-streaming sports channels, and fantasy sports is another aspect of online sports that has taken the world by storm. What remained an alien concept to Indians until the last decade has become one of the biggest online sports sensations.

The world is familiar with the love of cricket our fellow citizens hold in their hearts. The affinity for this sport has surpassed the boundaries of passion and reached the pinnacle of obsession. In this scenario, online fantasy cricket was bound to have millions of players and followers in the nation, making it the largest in the world. If you are an avid fantasy cricket player and hope to win big all the time, there are certain tips and tricks to be remembered throughout the match, and if you are a novice in this sports field. Then you should try hands in practice-free matches before directly jumping into the real matches.

To win consistently, these are the strategies that can always be used:

  1. Never miss an update on players: Since fantasy sports has a lot to do with the statistics and previous performance trends, contestants need to be updated with the tiniest detail regarding the players’ on-field performances. The comparative graph and the current ranking help to sort out the players taking into account the nuances associated with them.
  2. Constituting a diverse and winning team: After the performance and analysis come the selection of players. According to the rule, the team should have a specified number of players for different roles. Here the approach should be to take a balanced mix of star and mediocre players, especially the choice of captains and vice captains, which should be carefully considered. Sometimes the uncanny choice of team leaders leads to grand victory.
  3. Analyzing the pitch condition: How crucial is the pitch condition for the outcome of a match? Every cricket enthusiast knows that. Both bowlers and batters’ league depends on the pitch conditions. A dusty pitch is a paradise for spinners. Similarly, a green pitch is the dream space for pacers to show their swing and pace prowess, so studying the pitch condition helps determine the bowling lineup.
  4. Making strategies according to the toss result: If a strong team wins, odds are more of putting high scores on the leaderboard. This creates pressure on the weaker team to chase the target. Therefore a team consisting of the maximum number of ace batters can combat the chase successfully. In case the second inning has to be played by the stronger team, the strategy should be to have a maximum number of high-rated bowlers to pull maximum wickets and a strong fielding arrangement to minimize the runs of the opposition team.

These tricks are not a sure shot method of winning the match, but adapting them will surely increase the likelihood of winning. Fantasy cricket is a test of skill; one has to step in with a balanced proportion of expertise and knowledge in team selection. Whatever the case, fantasy cricket is a treasure trove for all its users.

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