Different Methods of Teaching

Teachers teach students using different aids and tools  like teaching, using smart boards, projectors, organizing learning activities, and now with online teaching through mobile, or any other devices, teachers can use multiple tools like online white board, video lectures, taking online tests and what not to teach . But all these are tools, a helping hand, the thing that is important is the way of teaching, the methodology that is being used for teaching and learning process. For example: is it the teacher, who plays an active role in the classroom, or the students, or they both are involved in the learning process.

And in this article we are going to read about the different methods of teaching. Let’s go.

Teacher- centered teaching: As its name suggests, in the teacher- centered method of teaching the center of knowledge is the teacher and students are passive learners. The teacher plays an important role in this method as it’s him/ her who imparts the whole knowledge to the learners and they listen to it and learn the context. For example: in school teaching, teachers read and explain the topic to students and listen and understand it.

Student- centered teaching: Also known as learner- centered teaching, is just the opposite of teacher- centered teaching, here the main focus of teaching is to use the way of teaching to make students independent, self- learners. In Student- centered teaching, skills are developed in students that help them to learn and grow on their own, the opinion and the choices of the students are considered. It’s the best method to make students independent to make their choices of how to learn, the pace of learning and do their evaluation too. 

Interactive teaching method: In interactive teaching method the teachers encourage students to engage in activities to learn. Aids like visual aids, audio aids or audio- visual aids are used to teach. Teachers try to make the teaching – learning process interactive by discussing the topics with students, asking their options and, students can do the same too. This creates a healthy bond between teacher and students and they both feel comfortable to teach and learn in a more interactive and engaging environment. The best  example of interactive teaching methods are webinars and seminars where the teacher teaches the students, and students learn by listening and asking questions. Glock for sale online now on the online store. For more information visit this site : glockforsale

High- tech teaching method: This method of teaching has become very useful and popular during this time. In this teaching method teachers use ways like online classes, video lectures to take classes and learning management system is used to administer, record, distribute and deliver the course content and learning progress of the students. High- tech teaching methods keep the teaching- learning process engaging and self- paced at the same time. 

Content focused method: This method of teaching lays more emphasis on the content of the course. The teacher and students have to fit themselves according to the course content that has to be taught. They cannot make any changes or cannot disregard the content, the teachers have to teach the students the skills and concepts in accordance with the content. In short, content is the main focus of this teaching method. More information click here: mypetnews

Flipped teaching method: In the flipped method of teaching the regular classroom teaching way is flipped, meaning before the face-to-face teaching of the content ,the teacher gives the homework of that content. And students are encouraged to read, to brainstorm, to discuss the topic. Flipped teaching method encourages group work, brainstorming,  creativity and independency among students. Click here: cbdgummies

Personalized teaching method: This method of teaching is new, as we know that every child is different from another, and their way, pace, and methods of learning things is also different. That’s why this new method of teaching is being evolved where the needs, opinions and interests of a student are identified and then the teachers teach them the content of their choice and interest. Then the assessment activities and other learning activities are also constructed according to their personal interests.

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Every method of teaching is useful and effective.So teachers can use any method for meeting students’ learning needs, and to make teaching- learning process interactive, effective and interesting.

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