Which Breeds Are the Best Guard Dogs?

When an unknown person shows up to your home and you own a dog, they will let you know that someone is there that they don’t know. These animals are ideal protectors of your home. Some breeds, however, are better suited for this role than others. Some dogs will greet a stranger with demands for attention or for them to pet them, while others will not let a stranger into their home at all costs unless their master invites them in.

A dog can provide some of the best protection to your property. In generationl, breeds such as Terriers and Shepherds, make for some of the finest guard dogs since they are inherently active, compliant and distrustful of anybody approaching their domain. Many other dogs are more concerned about whether the visitor has food.

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If you are thinking about getting a new dog that will serve as a protector of the family home, here’s some of the best breeds to take on that role.

You always want to ensure that your pet isn’t a danger to others, especially since this can cause a legal headache. Sometimes, it may be hard to avoid and some suffer a bite. This is when a dog bite lawyer in NYC will come in handy. You want to be ready, especially if you have a guard dog that will bite if he/she thinks they’re protecting you or their home.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one breed that comes to mind when people think of a guard dog. A breed is one you see used by police, mainly because they are simple to train, extremely loyal, have high endurance, and perform well under duress.

Thanks to their sheer size, power and the strength of their bite, the German Shepard is useful in fending off any would-be intruders. But, these capable guard dogs are also playful and love their dog toys, they just should be durable enough. They are also excellent companions.

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Cane Corso

All it takes is one glance at a Cane Corso to see why they would be a good choice for a guard dog. Though most of these dogs stand at just over 2-feet tall, they are very strong and powerful animals. The Cane Corso were bred to protect Roman soldiers and originate from Italy. The name itself originates from the Latin translation “bodyguard dog”, so it has protection in its DNA. Despite it’s use historically, they are gentle companions until summoned.


Although the Akita isn’t the most terrifying of the guard dog breeds we highlight here, there are situations where a smarter animal is required over one that is all muscle. Akitas have been bred over hundreds of years, first to guard Japanese aristocracy and keep them safe from danger. They’re curious, but also suspicious animals, which makes them perfect for alerting you to any threat that they don’t think is right. The Akita may be the right dog for you if you don’t want a large guard dog.


Sometimes they say that a dog’s bark is actually worse than it’s bite. This isn’t true for the Bullmastiff. In fact, the breed has a biting force of more than 550 pounds per square inch, making it much greater than your typical dog. They were originally bred to defend huge estates, so the Bullmastiff is guard dog by nature. However, if they are trained, as well as socialized properly, the Bullmastiff can be friendly with its family.

Doberman Pinscher

German tax collector Louis Dobermann bred the first Doberman Pinscher during the 1800s, because he wanted a dog to act as a protector. Due to the Doberman’s size, evident strength, speed, and vigilance, it is really it’s intellect that makes it an excellent guard dog. This makes them guard efficiently with minimal training. Thankfully, the Doberman’s inherently aggressive tendency has been bred away, they are very friendly family dogs with the potential to guard.

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