What to Look For in Enterprise PPM Software

If your company handles dozens or even hundreds of projects, it’s more than obvious that you will need a way to better manage all your current and future projects.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software makes it possible to handle all your projects from one place. When looking to purchase such a solution for your company, one main challenge that you’ll face is that there is a myriad of these products in the market.

So how do you know which enterprise PPM solution is right for your enterprise? Which features should you consider? Let’s find out.

  1. Cloud Vs. On-premises

This will be one of the first, if not the first thing you should decide. If you are going to choose the cloud option, you’ll want to determine whether the enterprise PPM software is hosted via a public or private cloud service.

Regardless of whether you choose to go cloud or remain on-premises, you’ll want to pay attention to other factors like the security of your data, costs, expansion capabilities, and others.

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For the cloud option, for example, the main costs will be a subscription fee, training costs, expansion costs, and maintenance fees. On the other hand, on-premises costs revolve around things like licensing, implementation, service and support, maintenance, and potential hardware requirements.

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  1. Collaboration features

Which enterprise PPM software is complete if it doesn’t include collaboration features? Modern PPM software should always have strong collaboration capabilities. Collaboration features will help you communicate better with project managers and your entire team.

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Tools such as cloud storage, real-time messaging, task management platforms, document sharing platforms, and scheduling tools are just some of the collaboration options that you should look for in PPM software.

  1. Reporting and Analytics capabilities

At first glance, PPM software seems to be all about project management features and collaboration capabilities. But a PPM system is more than just a project management tool. It is an enterprise solution that will help you manage all your projects across enterprise departments and your enterprise’s entire supply chain.

To do so, PPM systems should have strong reporting and analytics capabilities to provide insights on the enterprise as a whole, not only on individual projects. Look for reports such as project pipeline reports, enterprise P&L reports, and enterprise project portfolio visualizations.

  1. Integrations and APIs

Enterprise PPM software should always take advantage of third-party integrations to make it easier for you to use other enterprise software tools with the PPM solution. The enterprise PPM system that you choose shouldn’t be limited to your enterprise PPM solution. It should be able to integrate with enterprise software tools such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and enterprise content management platforms.

  1. Global and mobile capabilities

When choosing a PPM system for your enterprise, you’ll want to ensure that the enterprise PPM solution works well for your enterprise’s entire workforce. Not only should PPM software allow project managers and other users to access projects from any device with a browser or an app, but it should also work in different time zones.

It’s especially important for a PPM solution to allow you to access projects from anywhere in the world since there are lots of enterprises that handle multiple projects all over the world. Besides, a PPM system with mobile capabilities will support better collaboration since users won’t be restricted to certain work hours when working on enterprise projects.

  1. Data support and governance

Enterprise PPM software is all about enterprise data. Modern enterprise PPM solutions should have their own enterprise data repositories that are separate from your enterprise’s main data repository. This will ensure enterprise-wide consistency for enterprise data, which is key to enterprise PPM success.

Data governance features should also be included in PPM software. These features will help you ensure enterprise-wide consistency and security for enterprise data, which is key to enterprise PPM success.

In conclusion,

Picking the right enterprise PPM software like what Cora Systems offers,  give you the ability to get enterprise-wide visibility for enterprise projects, which is key to enterprise PPM success.

When choosing PPM software for your company, make sure that the features that it offers correlate with business goals, requirements, and particulars.

Choose an enterprise PPM solution that meets your enterprise’s unique needs, as that will increase the value that you get out of the PPM solution


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