What Does Intertek PSI In Oklahoma Provide?

Oklahoma is experiencing growth in the construction industry driven by population increases, business investment and infrastructure projects. PSI is well-positioned to support these efforts with geotechnical engineering and materials testing, environmental and industrial hygiene services, building advisory and speciality testing. This article will tell you more about Intertek PSI in Oklahoma.

About Intertek PSI in Oklahoma and services

PSI, an Intertek Company, is a leading provider of ATIC (Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification) Services with a full suite of capabilities both in the lab and on-site. PSI provides the architectural, engineering and construction industry full capabilities in the lab and on-site. PSI delivers total quality assurance to the built environment.

Geotechnical Engineering

The Oklahoma City office is one of 72 PSI offices nationwide, providing engineering and construction solutions to architects, engineers, owners, developers, contractors, and government agencies. With services including geotechnical and advanced engineering, construction materials testing, building advisory, environmental consulting, and industrial hygiene, PSI offers the reliability and efficiency of working with a single provider.

The state’s growing population and investment in infrastructure projects have led to a surge in building and commercial construction. Intertek PSI can support these projects with construction material testing services and inspections of existing facilities.

Environmental and Industrial Hygiene

A safe and healthy work environment is vital to employee productivity, quality of life, regulatory compliance, and reducing liability and insurance costs. PSI intertek industrial hygiene team offers air quality testing, field sampling and testing, laboratory tests, analytical assessments and other services to identify any potential hazards in the workplace that could affect employees. We then employ remediation efforts, building system solutions, procedural controls and additional facilities training to mitigate or eliminate these risks and create a safer workplace.

Building Advisory

PSI’s Oklahoma City office offers various building advisory services for engineers, owners, developers, construction managers, and contractors. The Building science solutions help ensure your projects’ safety, performance and sustainability.

With an expanding economy and a growing population, the construction industry in Oklahoma has seen steady growth. Residential development has led the way, but non-residential and infrastructure projects are also increasing in volume.


We hope we guided you well on Intertek PSI in Oklahoma. Proper testing of building materials in construction projects helps ensure that the structures will be strong and durable. This prevents rework and delays in the short term, costly repairs, and premature failure in the long run. PSI’s engineers and industry professionals can perform various sampling procedures and destructive and non-destructive tests to ensure that construction materials, like concrete, asphalt, soil, aggregate, and steel, meet project specifications and regulatory requirements.

Construction materials testing services are vital to the success of many types of projects. PSI’s Oklahoma City office works with clients on projects ranging from schools and hospitals to airports and power plants.

PSI Intertek’s professionals and extensive industry knowledge make it a trusted partner for numerous industries. If you are involved in construction Intertek PSI can provide you with the necessary expertise and support to navigate complex regulations and ensure your products meet the highest standards.

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