Strange relationship of gambling and football that are not interspersed

“Football” is one of the most gambling-related sports. The gambling industry now earns more than 40% from sales in the Football League metropolitan area and almost half from Premier League shirt sponsorships. With an investment of around 50 million pounds per season, In addition, more than 50 big brands have established themselves in the football-related business, which has never happened before in history. It was the interdependence of football and gambling that made money for each other interestingly.

This relationship has attracted a lot of attention from industry makers. The Premier League and the FA are aware that their transparency will be questioned if they put their money into the gambling industry. Most recently, the Labor Party in England pledged to ban illegal gambling ads in football matches. Reflecting on a similar initiative to ban tobacco ads in F1, it became apparent that the Corbyn-led government continued to do the same as Blair’s government did with Bernie Ecclestone and allowed the period. Of change So that football can take itself a step away from the gambling industry and find another source of income. Because the immediate ban will undoubtedly affect the finances of football.

Why is the gambling business so prevalent in football?

If not talking about ethics, the size of the football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์) industry is of interest to anyone interested in the sports marketing business. What drives such investments? Is it effective? And are there many brands involved in doing this? In short, is most of the gambling industry doing well in the market? come and find the answer

The sports industry originally started with gambling. They are most drawn to football for two beneficial reasons. One is the ability to make your brand famous. And the second is the power to build a credible brand. In a market with more than 200 betting brands in the UK, both objectives are desirable. However, they are only the beginning of the story.

Over the last ten years, betting on football outcomes has become an integral part of (เว็บแทงบอลออนไลน์)  sports betting. This accounts for more than 70% of all bets placed. So gambling is attractive to football because football fans have become the industry’s best and most attractive customers. However, horse racing, which was once famous and dominated by people, cannot produce the same numbers as football because it has become a favorite sport of almost the entire world. Changing the nature of bets coupled with the digital revolution is the key to getting millions of money into the gambling industry and the expansion of websites, brands, and new players.

This change in the size and composition of betting has resulted in becoming a sponsor in football. It is a new, low-cost way to get yourself to join new gambling sites. With high margins but low Customer loyalty, football’s ability to quickly build a reputation, build credibility, reach new consumers interested in sports, and communicate their image is another matter that football can give the brand. But as a result, many gambling brands choose to stop at this point, resulting in a rotten market.

Who stands out the most in this market? And how?

Few brands that are doing well in this market were analyzed that they followed two fundamental principles. First, they created a unique tone of voice, and second, they put themselves in a different and creative position. Make it stand out from the crowd of brands. The dominant brands being exemplified are Ufabet and bet365. However, the following steps can help differentiate, build loyalty, and potentially get rid of politicians.

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