Reasons To Post Custom No Parking Signs On The Road 

When restricting the parking places on the road, one of the most visible options to select is no parking signs. Once you post the sign, you can restrict the drivers to put their vehicle in specific areas. Here is what you need to know the basics of no parking signs. 

  • With these signs, you can inform the drivers that they must not park the vehicles in specific parts or areas.
  • The no parking signs alert the drivers to keep certain areas free, such as the loading zones on which the emergency vehicles ply.
  • There are different segments of no parking signs, such as alerting and informing the drivers about parking restrictions in small patches, restrictions for overnight parking, or no parking in the fire lanes for which the custom no parking signs come to help.
  • You can install these sigs in locations where heavy traffic is likely to create congestion as far as the legal aspects are concerned.
  • You cannot install no parking signs in those areas where the drivers are less likely to park their vehicles due to lack of space. 
  • Typically, the authority of installing parking signs should come from another quarter. 

Reasons to install no parking signs: 

There are several reasons for installing no parking signs but when it comes to customizing the parking signs, you need to follow these tactics.

  • You need to make the drivers responsible and ensure that the parking of vehicles does not create any hazard.
  • When parking cars, the drivers need to make sure that the vehicles are at a distance from the travel lanes and they are clearly visible to the drivers coming in from the opposite directions. 
  • If a car needs to be parked in the driveway, it must stay away from the traffic and the travel lane. 

To meet the abovementioned requirements, you need to keep the car parking away from the prohibited places. Therefore, it is essential to post custom no parking signs so that the other vehicles, bicycle riders, and pedestrians are aware of the encumbrances. 

Using no parking sign for personal reasons:

When posting a customized no parking sign near your home for personal reasons, such as by the curbside of your residence, you need to get permission from the highway commissioner. One of the restrictions you need to follow is that the no parking signs with customization is not to be placed anywhere on a road beside a private property. If you fail to comply with the rules, the highway commissioner may order the removal of the car trough the local police force. 

Exceptions to the rule:

Despite the restriction of placing a customized no parking sign on the road beside a private property, exceptions often exist for parking the car based on the measurement of the road. If you are not aware of the situations when to park the vehicle and how to avoid it, you may become trapped in a legally liable case. So, when installing the customized no parking signs, the installer need to follow the local law and the vehicle owners need to be aware of the exceptions where no restrictions are present. 

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