Guide of Surfing in Japan

5 Best Serving Places in Japan

If we do not suddenly think of Japan when we think of a ski resort, the Japanese archipelago however has a small area where the waves attract a large number of board game enthusiasts.

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Our dossier on the beach in Japan

Do you want to filter? Here are some of the best surf places in Japan, some just a short distance from Tokyo. So there are no more excuses to scratch your board and meet other surfers.

A must-see Sakawa River

Who said sailing was done at sea? Crystal clear water and attractive rollers, it was enough to make the mouth of the Sakawa River one of the most popular Surfing in Japan. Every few miles from Tokyo.

Kugenuma Beach

In addition to securing selected service points, Kugenuma beach, also close to Tokyo, will impress sailors with its origins. True, the sand of Kugenuma Beach is black. It is a miracle.

Yugawara Beach

Not far from the city of Atami, on the Izu Peninsula, Yagawara Beach is ideal for those who want to learn to Surf Japan. The swelling here is mild and there are few surveillance schools in town that can offer lessons.

Chiba Wada Beach

This beach, located in Ohara city, south of Chiba County, is also famous for its spectacular waves. It has become a place with a good atmosphere among the servers, we can only recommend it!

Ichiyumi Dot

One of the best beaches in Kyushu is in Miyazaki Prefecture. This lake has its reputation for the tubes, favored by travelers, who teach there. Especially from the end of August to the end of September, after the storms have passed.

And, for those of you who have never had the courage to board a surfboard or have no plans to go to the beach for their next trip to Japan, we suggest you check out A Scene at Sea, a film by Takeshi Kitano dedicated to screening. A classic.

Red in the Rising Sun.

Despite more than 30,000 miles of coastline, beautiful Japanese beaches are rare, and the Japanese are not accustomed to the sun. But if you look closely, you will find this magical mixture of white sand, blue sky, and turquoise water.

Shirahama, the holiest

Between the Kôya Mountains and the Kumano route, we often forget the beautiful beaches of the Kii peninsula (which stretches between southern Osaka and the sanctuary of Isa), as the most famous of its West Coast: Shirahama. This beautiful arc of “white sand” (meaning “Shira-Hama”) is a popular resort known for all summer fun, surrounded by hotels and driven by a delightful paséo.

One of the most attractive Shirahama is water, but in a different way: the clever rocky outcrop to the left of the beach is the home of Saki no yu Onsen, one of the oldest and most respected baths in Japan. where you think of the sea in an open pool, your body is immersed in warm water.

Beware Shirahama is caught in a summer storm: choose the months of May, June, and September, or push south towards Kushoto, the Kii peninsula is lined with some unknown beaches but with little ornaments.

Emerald Beach, the hottest

Anyone who says “Japanese beach” is actually Okinawa, this sub-tropical archipelago all in palm trees and coral reefs, which are similar to the Japanese Riviera on vacation. Do not expect to find abandoned or wild beaches in this high tourist area, but the post office has turquoise waters and clear sand: this is the story of Emerald Beach, on the northern shores of the main island of Okinawa (Honto), one of the free beaches in the region (more than 500 to 1000 yen). Over 500m high, and within the Ocean Park Expo (a free park that also offers an aquarium and museum), the Emerald is covered by a coral reef, making it the only beach- Japan lagoon.

Yumigahama, very similar to Tokyo

Similar to the Deauville of Tokyoites: Izu, a volcanic peninsula formed in part by the eruption of Mount Fuji, is also a popular holiday destination for its beaches and small harbors. At its southern end, near Shimoda (one of the two main points of the main Izu, with Atami in the north), a coastal area lined with pine trees stretching for 1 km: Yumigahama, a great picnic spot by the fire. beach in summer (the current figure is smaller than that of neighboring Shirahama, which is closely related to the family). And a few miles north, Shimokamo is one of the most famous places in the area, home to tropical springs that also feed on a delightful tropical garden.

Asakawa Ozuna, silent

To make sure that you are not disturbed by the mob, Shikoku Island is usually a good place, especially on the southern coast, left to favor the northern cities like Takamatsu or Matsuyama.

There, in this barren but picturesque southern country, the beautiful Asakawa Ozuna lake stretches across the Pacific. Even in mid-August, tranquility is guaranteed for swimmers, and there are plenty of facilities despite the low number of visitors (parking lots, showers, toilets, kitchens). Travelers will seek out the waves a little further, south along the Kaifu side (a mecca for Japanese sailors, at the mouth of the river of the same name), or north towards Tainohama.

Nokonoshima, which is very saturated

Lying on the sand, your feet in the water, you can imagine the buildings of the great city of Fukuoka far away, especially the narrow Fukuoka Tower …

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