Five things you should never do with your ring

1.Number one is swim.You should never swim with your ring.

You’re out there on a balmy day, having a great time,completely oblivious to the fact that your  ring is negotiating a minefield of problems.It all starts with the chemicals.The chemicals from sunscreen,the chemicals that are in the pool,these chemicals are not good for your ring.They can eat at the metals, they can cause pitting,they can cause problems with the stone.

Chemicals and your ring should never come together.Even the sand at the beach is gritty and abrasive,and is not doing your ring any favors.And then there’s the water.You wade out into this cold water,and you may not realize it,but your body contracts, your finger contracts.It may become small enough that your ring just flies off,just floats away. Visit The Site:

Even if your ring with cross does stay on your finger,a towel or a bathing suit can snag a prong just enough to dislodge your diamond, your stone, and have it be lost.And this is what it looks like.You’re out there, you’ve been having a great time,you’re not paying attention to anything,when suddenly you look at your hand,and you realize that there is no diamond in the ring.It is gone.You immediately panic.You alert all of us, everybody there,usually over the loudspeaker,that you need us to all stop what we’re doing and help you find this diamond. And you explain that it looks like

a tiny little chip of ice,and we are to help you find it in this body of water.We love you, we feel your pain, we really do.We’re just not that good.We’re never gonna find it.

  • Number two is that you should never shower while wearing your ring.

You undress, but you do have your ring on.You hop in the shower,and you do this every day, every other day.This is a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong.You’re in a tiled area usually, an area that’s very hard,you’re flinging about, you can hit your ring.You’re dealing, again with chemicals.

A lot of the shampoos we use have a lot of chemicals in them. The soap can get under the stone, under the diamond, kinda clog it.There’s a lot that can pit and start to wear down and ruin your ring.You’re all wet, you’re all soapy. Soap acts as a lubricant, and that ring could come right off and go down the drain or hit the tile.The shower is just not a safe place for your ring to be.Just take it off and put it somewhere safe while you’re taking a shower.

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  • Number three is you should never take your ring off in a public bathroom.

This never ceases to amaze me.You’ll jump into a pool with your ring,you’ll take a shower with your ring,but meet a tiny, steady stream of water in a public restroom with lots of people you don’t know,and you’ll take that ring right off and set it down. It doesn’t make any sense.First of all, somebody can just come and take your ring, and chances are, if they’re gonna take your ring, they are probably faster than you are.You’re not going to be able to chase them.But even if everyone around you is honest,when you take your ring off, you are likely to drop it.There’s a chance you’re going to drop that ring,especially around water and soap.

Where is it going to go?It’s gonna go down the drain,or it’s gonna ping around on a concrete floor

until it finally lands under a stall somewhere where somebody steps on it.It is true that generally speaking,it’s good to take your ring off when you wash your hands,but not in a public restroom.

This is a time to just go ahead and deal with it.If you can, kind of just wash your hands here,

kinda wash around the ring.But if you do get soap on it, just leave the ring on,rinse your hand under the water as best you can,dry it off, you’ll still have your ring,and when you get home, you can give it a good cleaning.

  • The fourth thing you should never do with your ring is wear it while you’re taking clothing off and putting clothing on, especially sweaters.Sweaters and their yarns can snag that prong and pull it just enough.

It can get under there and pull it.And you might even look at it and think,”It’s fine,” and it’s not fine. It has moved that prong just enough that some time over the next couple of days,the diamond is going to fall out.The danger here is especially true in changing rooms,when you’re at the mall and you’re changing your clothing all the time.

One thing I would recommend is if you already have the ring on and you don’t have a safe place,

you don’t wanna take it off, to twist it. Twist it so that the diamond part is on the inside,and try to protect it that way. Try to just sort of cup your hand over like this, and just operate in that way,

so that you’re protecting that diamond and the prongs while you’re getting dressed and undressed.If you practice this, you’ll get adept at it.And it’ll help you out a little bit in that changing room.

  • Number five, the fifth thing you should never ever do in your ring is sleep.

You think, “I’m not really doing much. “I’m just lying there, the ring is fine.”You think you don’t move around when you sleep but you do.You move around and your ring can get snagged on

a blanket, a sheet, a pillowcase,and it can cause some damage.You can also scratch yourself or somebody who is lying next to you with this ring. You can kind of brush your face.I’ve seen people have cut marks on their face from sleeping with their ring, or said they sort of fling around and they cut their partner unknowingly in the middle of the night with their ring. I know you love your ring and you wanna be with it every moment, but you will have that ring in good shape much longer if you don’t spend the night together. And now for the bonus tip. I recommend that you get a stunt double for your ring.

It can look totally different and just operate as your stunt double.Cause normally when you’re traveling or you’re out and about or you’re doing the highly active things that you want to do, it’s not necessarily that you want people to see your normal wedding ring, it’s just that you want to indicate that you are married,or that you’re engaged, that you have a partner.It can even be rubber, it can a rubber ring.They make those so that if you’re mountain climbing, or whatever it is you’re doing, your ring is not at risk.  Read More About:

In addition to when you’re being highly active,travel is another time to have a stunt double

for your ring. When you’re in an airplane, your fingers can swell, you’re more likely to wanna take the ring off. A lot of times you’re more likely to be robbed. And if you’re being robbed, there’s nothing like being able to say, “You want the  ring here.”Take it, means nothing to me.”I wouldn’t say that right at the moment. They’ll discover soon enough that what they got wasn’t worth a lot.

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