Best Educational Games For Students In 2021

The education sector has seen numerous changes in the last couple of decades.

Students today can study online thoroughly, get help with homework, hire the best tutors in the world, and even use simulations and games in their day-to-day learning.

These increase productivity, engagement, convenience, and flexibility in learning.

Here is a comprehensive list for educators, learners, and parents looking for the best educational games for 2021.

Wits End

This game is unique and fun and helps students develop essential skills and expand their knowledge. This card consists of differently colored cards for younger and older children.

Younger kids aged 8 to 10 have yellow slides, while older kids aged 11 to 12 have blue slides. The game has different levels, and parents can join in the fun. One of the game categories has riddles with who I am and where am I? type of trivia questions.

In a different category, learners are prompted to arrange items like animals in order of size, special features, syllables, etc. this helps young learners with visualization and coordination.

This or That

This and is an action-packed high-speed game that requires a host and active players.

The game starts with the host cold calling one of the participants and asking them to choose between two options. An example is choosing between a pie and a cake.

The student then unmutes to provide their answer.

You can then add follow-up questions to describe their choice aptly. This can be, for example, flavor.

You can do this will all participants getting as much information on the choices made as possible. This game is great for improving language and communication skills.

Climate Challenge

It’s indisputable that environmental studies are essential to all students regardless of their discipline of study. In recent years, the focus has shifted from governments taking up all environmental policies to individuals being asked to do their part.

The BBC decided to take up this premise by creating a game around climate matters.

The result is the Climate Challenge game with integrated science and playability. The game sees students seek to respond to specific unpredictable climatic outcomes and manage water, food, and energy throughout the game.

The game aims at imparting some knowledge on:


At times, students looking to go into entrepreneurship might feel a bit short-changed when it comes to the practical skills of running a business.

SimCEO looks to rectify this.

The game takes students through the process of running a business. This offers excellent insights into economics and entrepreneurship.

One of the selling qualities of this game is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all. The game recognizes the capabilities of learners of different ages and educational levels. It has a provision for teachers to alter the complexities of the challenges involved based on a student’s level of understanding.


While monopoly is often thought of as a fun past-time game, it has some solid educational foundations, more so about real life.

One player serves as a banker, while the rest use their Monopoly money to buy assets and build properties to collect rent from. The game goes on and on until one person runs out of cash.

This game teaches players how to invest in properties, the value of suitable investments, money management, and even the challenges of jail time.

These lessons are somewhat helpful for students as they give them an idea of how the real world works in an asset acquisition.

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