Signs of a cursed relationship

Today we’d like to tell you about signs of a cursed relationship so you no longer remain in the dark about what’s happening to you. Why? Imagine you’re in love with a guy and you hope you’ll get married one day and start a family. However, at some point things go south and you break up. The man you love leaves you and you can’t get him back. You go to a psychologist but he doesn’t see what you did wrong and why you broke up. Then you go to a spellcaster and find out your relationship was cursed. It ended because you never used any protective amulets or had any professional protective rituals performed.​

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Signs of a cursed relationship

Don’t think signs of a curse have anything to do with the way curses are shown in movies. Black magic works in a different way. It’s like a snake slithering inside your house to drink your blood at night when everyone’s sleeping. Curses are just as quiet and careful. They’re smart too and they know that if they give themselves away and you realize what’ going on, you’ll go to a professional spellcaster who can break them with ease.

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Nevertheless, there are signs of a cursed relationship which you should know of to be able to identify them and act accordingly.

The first sign is when things start going downhill, and fast. It’s like you go to bed with one person and wake up with another one. The person from yesterday loved you but the one who’s with you today hates you. This person looks and speaks differently and has a different smell and habits. Most likely, the curse is influencing not only your partner but you too. Your partner’s changed under the influence of black magic (which changed your partner’s chakras), but you changed too. Now it’ easier for you to see the bad in your partner rather than the good. Small things you loved before no longer seem relevant.

Another sign is not feeling well. Cursed partners develop such symptoms as hypertension or headaches. They have burning sensations in different parts of the body or feel like they’re bitten by tiny bugs. Another symptom is swollen legs or arms. Such symptoms as weakness, fatigue, sleepiness and depression always accompany relationship curses. Most likely, you’ll have to stay in bed for a few days. Then you’ll feel a little better, even if you don’t go to a doctor or take any medications.

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The third sign is rejecting your past and future. At some point you realize the time you’ve spent with your partner no longer means anything to you. You feel indifferent about it and start asking yourself why you’ve wasted so much time on this person. You could’ve lived a much better, more exciting life. At the same time, you no longer see any future with this person. All the plans you’ve made, all your dreams… they’re no longer here. From now on, every time you think about your future, your partner is not a part of it.​

The fourth sign is realizing you’ve changed. You slowly come to like a different kind of food, music and movies. You give up some of your old hobbies and get new ones. Your daily routine changes too. For example, you sleep more, eat at different times, spend more or less time on your hobbies than before. It’s understandable because the black magic curse has changed your chakras and along with them you as a person.

The fifth sign is your fears. You feel fear every time you try to fight the black magic. Black energies often influence people though fear. So your increased anxiety, fears and panic attacks can actually be a sign of a black magic curse. Your subtle bodies are under attack and you have to defend yourself as soon as possible.

One of the other common signs of a cursed relationship is that it’s physically and emotionally difficult for you to be together with your partner. Being apart makes you feel weirdly good. You enjoy every day you get to be by yourself and you love the feeling of freedom that it gives you along with the opportunity to meet new people and spend time with any people you want. At the same time, being together with your partner feels like prison.

More signs of a cursed relationship will be described in our next articles which will be posted on this blog shortly.

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