How To Use Video Marketing To Increase Engagement With Blog Posts

The internet is flooded with blog posts, so, how does your content get the chance to stand out from the crowd? Video marketing may be the solution that lets your content shine and take your brand to the right audience. 

Videos are no longer one piece of your overall marketing plan; instead, they play a pivotal role in your outreach and campaign efforts. Video has dominated social media, and if you aren’t investing in creating them, you are likely falling behind. 

Are you new to marketing and unsure of how to blend video marketing strategy seamlessly with blog posts? Are you afraid that you lack the necessary skills to take your video marketing skills to the next level? Keep scrolling to find the best way to leverage video marketing to promote your blogs. 

Why is Adding Video Marketing to Your Blogs Important?

Before jumping straight into how you can embed your videos to your existing or new blog posts, it’s a good idea to know the reasons that make this process worth it. 

Keeps viewers on your page 

Imagine you think you have covered everything in your content, but a reader feels differently. He will instantly leave the website, which will negatively impact your viewership. Here, video marketing plays an important part. It keeps the user engaged for a pretty good duration. If it’s a great video, chances are that the viewer might even move on to the next piece of content. 

Reach a new audience

Since the market is becoming more and more saturated, separating yourself from the pack is important. Video marketing gives you the chance to reach a new audience that you could have never reached without embracing this approach. 

A Guide To Use Video Marketing With Your Blog Posts To Boost Engagement

Embedding videos to your blogs is easier said than done since you have to keep many factors in mind, apart from just choosing the online video editor. To cut down your efforts, we have compiled different ways to incorporate a good video marketing strategy into your content to yield better outcomes.

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Add authentic video content

Adding videos to your blog post boosts customer engagement and drives more audiences. However, this doesn’t mean that you can embed whatever video content you feel like. Videos must be authentic and must revolve around some original content. 

There are different types of options you can consider while creating videos for your blog posts, such as:

An ‘About Us’ video

It is usually the most-visited page on the website after the homepage. Therefore, creating a video of who you are and what you do is great to give it some personality. 

Online tutorials 

It is one of the most accessible video options to create and is the best way to cater to a large audience. It also promotes engagement, which means your audience will appreciate that you tried to reach out directly to them.

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Vlogs or video summaries

Summarizing the key points of your blog post is an excellent way to save time and effort for the reader and keep them coming back for more. 

Client reviews and testimonials

Showing client reviews and testimonials in the form of video makes you more reliable and helps you stand out from the crowd. It also promotes credibility and builds authenticity – both great measures if you are trying to woo an audience. 

You need to create a video with compelling content that is worth the viewers’ time. Keep in mind that nobody has enough time to watch unnecessary videos, therefore, make them count!

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Host your videos on YouTube

To put it simply, there are two common ways to host your videos – either on your website or on YouTube. The best route is YouTube. The second-largest search engine after Google, YouTube is the most appropriate platform to boost your content reach to an unimaginable level.

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Moreover, this most outstanding platform offers lots of SEO and analytical tools that help you track audience engagement. After hosting your video on YouTube, you can simply embed the same on your WordPress site by hopping to the backend and pasting the URL. Since you are hosting your video on the biggest video platform, learn how to make a YouTube video using a good online video editor to create truly stunning videos that will attract an audience. 

Keep your videos short and crisp

While creating a video for the blog posts, keep them short and to the point, so that users can watch them without investing much effort.  Short videos easily always gain more attention from the audience and drive engagement way more than you think. According to Hubspot, a video of a 2-minute duration enjoys a good share of audience engagement. 

It might seem challenging to add all the information you want to include in a short video, but it isn’t as difficult as it appears to be. Don’t worry about explaining or covering every aspect in too much detail. Video content is just added to give an overview of the blog post and to compel the audience to go through the entire article. Keep in mind that if you cover all aspects of the blog in the video, it automatically eliminates the need to read the content, which affects your content marketing strategy. 

Re-create your existing video content

Already have a YouTube Channel? What’s better than this? If you already have the YouTube channel on which you have posted the videos covering the important aspects of your business, then you will just have to repurpose them to complement the blog post. However, you need to make sure that whatever video you add to your blog post syncs with your content, rather than look like an unnecessary addition. 

Wrapping up

Video marketing is a significant investment of time, effort and money. Therefore, it should be done with an appropriate strategy. Don’t rush into the decision, but take your time to create videos that add value to your blog post. 

New to video creation and looking for a companion? Try out the available video editors, and master video marketing skills with its plentiful readymade templates and tutorials.

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