How A Fireplace Insert Can Save Your Money?

In our massive, freshly refurbished showroom, you can see a variety of wood, pellet, and gas fireplace inserts. Perhaps it’s time to stop allowing heat to escape up your chimney and replace it with a more efficient fireplace insert that fits neatly into your existing fireplace opening.

Although fireplaces were initially intended to heat houses, the heat output of a typical masonry fireplace does not meet today’s comfort requirements. Even with a roaring fire in the hearth, you may not perceive a substantial improvement in the temperature of the room. This is due to the fact that only around 10% of the heat produced by a standard fireplace is reflected into your home; the remainder escapes up the chimney. Zero-clearance fireplaces are inefficient in the same way that traditional fireplaces are, and both may be replaced with a contemporary fireplace insert.

If you’ve ever sat next to an underused fireplace in the dead of winter in Wisconsin, you may have noticed a draft of frigid air coming from the hearth. Another downside of a standard fireplace or a first-generation zero-clearance fireplace is that air from the outside might seep into your home, causing your central heating and cooling system to work harder to maintain your home at the temperature you like.

Fortunately, fireplace inserts were developed to address these issues

A fireplace insert is a stylish heating appliance that fits inside the mouth of a masonry or zero-clearance fireplace and connects to the existing chimney to exhaust combustion by-products. Engineered to be both ecologically and economically beneficial, it greatly decreases the generation of combustion byproducts (such as ash, creosote, and smoke) while producing more heat with less fuel. Today’s fireplace inserts enhance the efficiency of a regular fireplace by 60 to 70%, depending on the style and fuel type.

Homeowners will save money in two ways as a result of these upgrades

1. Lowering heating and cooling bills throughout the year

By having a fireplace insert properly placed, you may immediately begin lowering your utility expenses, even during the warmest month of the year. With its glass doors, better venting system, and securely fitted firebox, a fireplace insert keeps hot and cool air from escaping, which means your central heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard to keep your house at a suitable temperature. It also prevents drafts of outside air from rushing down the chimney.

2. Making your fireplace a viable alternative source of heat

By investing in a fireplace insert, you may lower your thermostat and save money during Wisconsin’s severe winters without losing comfort. A fireplace insert not only emits more heat than a typical fireplace but also includes fans that push warm air from the fire into your living room. A gas, pellet, wood, or electric fireplace insert can effectively heat vast portions of your house. Depending on the size and type, you may use it to zone-heat a large living room or an entire floor.

Another appealing feature is that many versions let you adjust the heat output using a built-in thermostat or remote control. If wood is your favorite fuel, you will appreciate the ability to make fewer visits to the woodpile. Because of an insert’s great efficiency, a single load of wood will burn considerably longer.

A fireplace insert is a wise purchase for homeowners due to its cost-saving benefits. Stop by the Fireplace & Heating Showroom if you’ve never experienced the difference that a fireplace insert can make. We have a selection of fireplace inserts on display so you can see for yourself how one of these simple heating devices may increase the functionality of your fireplace. Our courteous team will be delighted to answer any queries you may have or to offer information on the benefits of each type of insert.

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