Downloading Instagram Stories In Your Personal Device

Instagram stories are a colossally well known element of Instagram. Instagram stories witness a huge number of perspectives and posts consistently. You can find the best of minutes, content, offers, deals, limits, significant declarations and so forth on Instagram stories. Instagram stories are essentially taken on businesses, content makers and brands to advance their items on Instagram, checking out at the quantity of perspectives these veils. Where on one hand Instagram stories give significant bits of knowledge into records and resides of individuals, they additionally have eye-getting content that you quickly wish to download and keep in your device. Instagram stories have a period cutoff of 24 hours post which they vanish to save these accounts for later you really want a method for downloading it. Instagram gives no method for downloading Instagram stories onto your device. We have provided you ways to download your own story or someone else’s story from Instagram.

How do you download your Instagram story?

Follow these instructions to download and save any of your posted stories to your device:

    1. Open the Instagram app, then go to your profile.
    2. Next, select Settings by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.
    3. Select the story option from the list under privacy in the options menu.
    4. Toggle the “save to archives” toggle button on in the saving area by scrolling down. Now, the archives will have a copy of every story you upload.
    5. Simply go to settings and select the archives option to store any story from the archives to your smartphone.
    6. In the archives section, select the stories option and select the story you wish to download.
    7. Now press the ‘more’ button at the bottom right corner of your screen and select save. The story will be saved to your gallery easily.

How can I download another person’s story?

You cannot download another user’s Instagram story directly from the Instagram app; instead, you must utilize a third-party application. Many third-party Instagram story downloaders exist, however not all of them work on every device you have. Use Insta zoomer to download any story on your device.  The greatest third-party app for downloading Instagram stories from any user directly to your device is Insta zoomer. Simply download the  app from the App Store or go to the website to access it.  Follow these procedures to download any story:

    1. Launch the Instagram app and copy the username of the person whose story you wish to download.
    2. Now download the app for or access the available software from the website of the respective Instagram story downloader like Insta zoomer.
    3. In the field provided simply paste the copied username or enter the username of the person manually. It is recommended to paste the name for accurate results.
    4. The Insta zoomer app will display all the uploaded stories for that particular profile.
    5. To download these stories to your device simply click on the download button over the story. 

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