Can Your Fline Munch On Strawberries

Before you get a pet home, you need to know and understand a few things about the wellbeing of your pet. What food to feed, How to groom, How many veterinary visits to schedule, what objects to keep away from your pet and more. Food being one of the most important aspects as it decides the right nourishment for your pet. Before giving your cat any new food, get it checked with your veterinarian, specifically people’s food. Not all cats are similar. What is right for one feline may not be for others, depending on various factors, like their age, health conditions, medical history. Cats on any treatment should only be fed a diet prescribed by the veterinarian. Always buy cat insurance, as it helps to cover your cat for any medical emergencies. 

You are sitting with a bowl of strawberries, and your cat sniffs and pulls a berry out of the bowl, bites it and seems to love it. But are you sure if the strawberries are safe for your feline consumption? And if yes, how many can they eat? 

Cats are obligate carnivores, so they program their bodies to digest meat. However, they can still eat tiny portions of many veggies, fruits, and berries to help meet their nutritional requirements. Suppose your curious cat finds you munching on little red strawberries; we assume it would like to have a bite too.

Perhaps you are already feeding your furball commercial cat food items containing fruit bits or cooking up tasty homemade cat food and treats that include one or more fresh fruits or berries in the form of puree or pieces. Know that you must avoid using raisins, grapes, cherries, persimmons, limes, and other fruits that can upset your munchkin’s health.

Suppose your cat nibbles on any prohibited food ingredients in a missed moment; take it to the vet asap for a checkup. Pet insurance policies are affordable and help provide your feline pet with timely medical care during unplanned vet visits like this and many others. Contemplate inquiring about pet insurance cost, weighing various policies then requesting, and comparing quotes to sign up for the best plan that suits your cat’s health needs.

In this article, let’s know if your feline can eat strawberries

Is it ok for my cat to eat strawberries?

Strawberries are nontoxic to feline furry members, so you can relax knowing that suppose your furball gets its paws on a strawberry and pounces to nibble on it, it wouldn’t adversely affect your feline’s health.

It is fine to offer your furball blended, pureed, fresh, or frozen strawberries. The vitamins and minerals in this berry help strengthen your fluffy friend’s immune system and keep its body firm. It is a safe source of antioxidants, helps fight damage due to free radicals and inflammation and promotes your furball’s overall health and wellbeing.

Some felines like yogurt, so the natural question arises whether strawberry yogurt is safe for cats. It’s safe for felines as long as there is no sugar replacement and your cat is lactose intolerant. Also, diabetic cats and obese felines should not consume strawberry yogurt. 

Strawberry yogurt is very high in both sugar and carbohydrates, and contains no nutritional value in your cat’s diet. Also, a combination of carbs with dairy products may result in diarrhea or vomiting in felines sensitive to any of these ingredients. 

Your kitten can safely consume plain yogurt with a few slices of strawberry. Offer very little portions to your kitty for them to just taste and not eat it in quantity.

If your cat has shown interest in this fruit or you want to check if your kitty would like to munch on it, then offer only a few bits of it to begin with. You shouldn’t overdo it, considering the fact that you don’t know how your feline’s digestive system will react to the new fruit ingoing. Plus, you never know if your furball will like the taste of it or not.

Anyway, take it slow. Also, wash the fruit thoroughly before tossing it into your cat’s dish. Buying organic strawberries for your cat is an even better idea because the produce will be free of pesticides.

One word of caution here: strawberries, like other fruits, contain high proportions of sugar, which is why you must feed them in moderation. We must give special attention while offering fruits to overweight and diabetic cats.

Seek your vet’s advice before feeding fruits high in sugar, especially if your furry baby belongs to one of the high health risk categories. Cheap pet insurance supports a cat with only basic health benefits, while other higher policies comprehensively cover a cat’s health. Contemplate purchasing a broader cover for your munchkin even if it means paying a little more in terms of cat insurance cost because it can be worth it during sickness and emergencies.  


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