Boost Your Pet Dog’s Morale in 5 Steps

Is your new pup quiet and timid, much to your dismay? Well, you don’t have to be disappointed already because this behavior is expected from new fur babies. While the household can be thrilled about a new furry family member’s entry, in contrast, your little pup can be feeling exactly the opposite.

Your young pup may be anxious and uncertain about its life thereafter. At the same time, they might be suffering much pain due to separation from the mother dog and still be recovering from the trauma. Helping your furry pet get through this phase can be a huge responsibility. You can make this transition easier for your furry baby by making a few changes in your new home.

As part of being a responsible pet owner, you should consider buying dog insurance to help your puppy avail of excellent medical care during unanticipated health scenarios. Providing your puppy pal basic health care need not be a financially cumbersome affair with pet insurance. You can explore cheap pet insurance plans that offer minimum health coverage or comprehensive plans that cover your fur friend for broader health conditions.

In any case, having a medical financial backup lets you focus on getting your furry little friend cured instead of the finances involved. While you think about purchasing pet insurance, read these tips on helping your fur baby grow into a confident adult.

Why do you need to work on confidence building in your pet?

Puppies may find many things in the human world intimidating. For instance, strange objects, machines, sights, sounds, unfamiliar people, pets, animals, places, and more can trigger signs of anxiety and negative behavior in fur babies. If you wish to raise a courageous pup, provide them with ample opportunities for socialization. Puppy needs to know not everything that looks weird can be dangerous.

How to boost your puppy’s morale?

1.Be patient

You need to wait for your pup to adjust to the new living environment. Young puppies need at least one to two months to get acquainted with their new home, family members, and routines. It is best you introduce only the bare minimum things that are necessary for your fur baby’s survival in this crucial period.

2.Life enrichment

Once your pup has gotten used to your home, you can motivate them to socialize by enrolling them in puppy training classes, taking them to family gatherings, nearby dog parks, buddy walks, or doggy play dates so they can have a splendid time interacting with other fur babies.

3.Tweak routines

You can moderately tweak your puppy’s routines so they can face uncertainty with much confidence later in life. For instance, you can expose your puppy to unique pet games, toys, different walking routes, vehicles like bikes/cars, adventure trips, etc., to ensure the activities are entertaining, stress-free, not too complex, and encouraging.

4.Stick together

Shy puppies can easily overcome their fear and enjoy learning new things if their parents are also involved in the activity. For instance, puppy food baking sessions, dog yoga classes, agility training, learning tricks, paw printing, or dog art hobbies are some pursuits that demand the cooperation of both puppy parents and their fur babies.

5.Cubby space

Set up a private space for your lovable pup, so they can enter their den and relax when they want to. It can be a remote room, a secluded living area corner, a comfy crate, etc.

However, if your pet pupper’s anxiety issues become problematic, ensure you have them tested by your vet to get to the bottom of the matter, so you know if any health issues are contributing to them. Dog insurance can cover your fur baby’s non-routine vet visits, medications, and more for covered health conditions.

Cheap pet insurance can support your pet with diagnosis, hospitalization and treatments during injuries, accidents, and health emergencies. Assess your puppy’s health needs and carefully read the policy disclosure statements before buying a pet insurance policy.

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