5 Tips to Choose the Right Bridal Jewellery for Your Special Day

After deciding on your wedding dress, the next thing you’ll have to think of is the right accessories to go with it. Regardless of whether you aim to wear a timeless piece or a trendy one, your bridal jewellery set should perfectly go with your dress and personality. For someone who may not be versatile about mixing and matching accessories, this can surely be more overwhelming than looking for the perfect wedding gown. But then again, the internet will save you the trouble. You simply have to educate yourself with a couple of helpful tips.

1. Take a Look at the Neckline of Your Dress

To create a sleek and balanced appearance, make sure that your jewellery set perfectly complements the neckline of your dress. Otherwise, you’ll ruin everything, even if it is just a necklace. Putting on the appropriate necklace that accentuates your outfit will considerably impact your overall look.

2. Minimalist Always Wins

Everyone is aware of the less is more mantra; this applies to looking for the proper jewellery set. The worst thing that a bride can do on her wedding day is to overdo her appearance. Keep in mind there’ll be a lot of things going on with your look — a veil, hairdo, makeup, and the dress. So, you have to even it out by choosing a classic and minimalist set.

An excellent example is to refrain from wearing an ornate neckpiece if you’re in a gown. You’ll look too heavy. Chunky accessories don’t blend with wedding gowns. It has to be a pair of drop earrings instead of a necklace, something subtle but exudes elegance.

3. Complement It With the Fabric of Your Dress

The material of your dress plays a crucial role in determining the kind of Bridal Jewellery set you’ll choose. Usually, it is tough to pick between yellow gold, platinum, rose gold, or silver. They all look lovely when you try them on, but if it’s the wrong shade, you’ll lose its extravagance, especially if it doesn’t seamlessly go with the fabric of the dress.

White accessories look lovely in an optic white gown. For fabric with ivory shades, it is best paired with gold sets to highlight their appearance. The ornaments on your dress will also matter. It will dictate whether to go for stones or metal add ons. Furthermore, your wedding band should be properly coordinated with your wedding dress too.

4. Minimize the Colors of Your Wedding Accessories

Even if mixing and matching jewellery sets are trendy, this doesn’t usually apply in a wedding. Brides should always appear neat and balanced. The maximum hues you can inject in your overall outfit is two. Other than that, you’ll end up too tacky and prevent from emphasizing your natural beauty. Gemstones in different colours are best in an evening affair and not on the day of your wedding.

5. Choose a Style That You’ll Use Even After the Wedding

If you want to maximize the pieces, pick something that will still be useful even after your special day. Surely, you’ll attend more wedding events in the future so you can recycle and be creative about incorporating them into your outfits. Also, if it can go with other formal attire, then put it on. Besides, there’s no rule about reusing your wedding jewellery anyway. No one’s going to stop you if you add that lovely bridal hairpiece to one of your gala events.

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