The Different Types of Diamond Cuts Used in a Diamond Ring

There are different types of diamond cuts that are used in a diamond ring. These include the Princess cut, the Heart cut, and the Asscher cut. Each of these cuts have their own benefits.

Emerald cut

Emerald cut diamond is a popular engagement ring shape. The classic look of the emerald cut is understated and incredibly elegant. It offers a timeless feel that is perfect for modern brides and lovers of a classic style.

While emerald cut diamonds may appear larger than other cuts, it is important to remember that the shape can be more economical. These elongated diamonds often use less raw material and require less manufacturing during the cutting process. In fact, you can usually find emeralds in smaller carat sizes than round diamonds.

There are three basic dimensions that affect the beauty of emerald cuts. First, the length to width ratio (LW ratio) is a very important factor. When evaluating an emerald cut, you want to ensure that the length to width ratio is at least a little lower than the depth percentage of the stone.

Asscher cut

Asscher cut diamond is a popular diamond shapes. The name comes from the inventor of the diamond, Joseph Isaac Asscher. He patented this unique design.

During the early 20th century Art Deco period, the Asscher cut became one of the most popular cuts. Its clean lines and cropped corners gave it an elegant ‘hall of mirrors’ look. This made the cut ideal for Art Deco era jewelry.

Today, the Asscher cut diamond has become popular with celebrities. It’s often found in engagement rings or side diamonds. It has a high crown and deftly crafted mirrors that give it an unobstructed look.

Princess cut

The Princess cut diamond is one of the most sought after shapes for jewelry. With its clean, sharp edges and square shape, it is a brilliant alternative to the round cut. This cut is perfect for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other fancy diamonds. However, before deciding on a princess cut, you should consider some factors.

One of the most important aspects of this type of diamond is the quality of the cut. You want to avoid purchasing a princess cut diamond with a lower grade. It is best to invest in an heirloom quality stone with a polish grade of Good or better.

Heart cut

Heart cut diamonds are one of the most popular fancy diamond cuts. The shape has a lot of romantic appeal, and they are very versatile. They are often used in rings and pendants. But they also come in other forms, including triangular and marquise shapes.

To choose a heart shaped diamond, you need to pay close attention to its symmetry. Specifically, the lobes should be symmetrical. Also, the apex point should be symmetrically placed.

A good way to tell if the apex point is symmetrical is to look at it under 10x magnification. If it isn’t, the stone may have a bow-tie effect. That dark area is a blemish and reduces the diamond’s shine.

Trillian cut

Trillion cut diamond is a diamond that has a unique triangular shape. It is named because it has three equal sides with either flat or pointed edges.

The name “trillion” was first used to describe any triangular cut diamond. However, it is now used as a general term for all triangular-shaped gems.

Trillion cut diamonds are known for their brilliance and sparkle. They are also considered to have great fire. Whether you are looking for a solitaire, or something to add a pop of color to your jewelry, this type of diamond is a good choice.

Asscher-cut diamonds

Asscher-cut diamonds are one of the most iconic of all diamond shapes. They’re unique and elegant, and they’re perfect for vintage style jewelry. It’s no wonder that Asscher-cut diamonds have been used in vintage three-stone rings and other era-appropriate pieces since the 1920s.

The Asscher cut was invented by Joseph Asscher, a legendary diamond cutter. His company, I J Asscher Diamond Company, produced the first Asscher-cut diamond in 1902. In addition to his brilliant cutting skills, Asscher also patented the design.

The Asscher-cut has a square shape. The facets in the diamond create a hypnotic pattern. Aside from its sexy appearance, the Asscher-cut is versatile and can be used in many different types of jewelry.

Emerald-cut diamonds

Emerald-cut diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings. They have a unique shape and offer vintage sparkle. Emerald cut diamonds are available in a variety of sizes and quality gradings.

Emerald-cut diamonds are different from other diamond cuts in that they are step-cut. This means that they have long facets, as well as small, rectangular facets. The stepped facets run along the length of the diamond in parallel lines. These stepped facets mimic the steps of the Aztec temple.


Emerald-cut diamonds are known for their durability. Because of their step-cut facets, they don’t bend as much light as round diamonds do. Instead, they create a “Hall of Mirrors” effect, where light can bounce back and forth from one side to the other.

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