Mendix, Wavemaker, PowerApps, and OutSystems – Low Code Alternatives

The low code application platforms  Wavemaker has a smooth process for creating applications without any programming skills. It offers a wide range of capabilities, including cloud integration, collaboration, and sharing with other customers. It also allows users to enhance the capabilities of their apps with a cloud service. This application development platform is used by enterprise firms that need complex, specialized software.

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PowerApps is a powerful low-code alternative to Mendix

However, it is more expensive than the other two. Its free version is limited in terms of features and is more difficult to use. Its free version is also limited. OutSystems also lacks community support and has various hidden fees. So, it’s better to compare the price of each of these products and decide for yourself which one you prefer.

PowerApps and OutSystems are both cheaper than Wavemaker, which is ideal for small businesses. OutSystems has a large community of users, but its support is limited and there are no free trials. OutSystems is also recommended for businesses with Microsoft software infrastructure. It offers an unlimited number of apps for different business needs, but it is a bit more complicated to get started.

Mendix is the cheapest of the three

Its enterprise version costs $1,917 per month. Outsystems is slightly more expensive, but offers a free version. If you are a small business, it is a good choice for developing hybrid mobile applications. Its free version gives you access to a range of features, but it lacks the flexibility and community support that OutSystems does.

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OutSystems and Mendix are other rapid web application development platform that offer many of the same features. However, these platforms are more expensive and often recommended for businesses that have a Microsoft software infrastructure. They also offer no free trials and a host of hidden fees. You’ll need to make an informed decision based on your unique requirements.

Low-code development platforms

Wavemaker vs mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems low code alternatives. It allows you to create production-quality applications in just a few hours. On the other hand, OutSystems is much more powerful and expensive. While Wavemaker offers more features and a more complex interface, OutSystems provides an environment that is more suitable for Windows-based businesses.

Mendix has the best documentation and community, while Outsystems is more affordable than Wavemaker. PowerApps is an open-source low-code rapid app development platform. OutSystems offers more flexible pricing, while Mendix is more expensive. OutSystems offers the most features and is generally more popular than Wavemaker. The best low-code application development platform is also easy to customize, scalable, and customizable.

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In terms of price

OutSystems is the most expensive of the three. It has a large community, but is less flexible than Wavemaker. Nevertheless, it offers a free trial edition that lets users build an application. The free version of OutSystems has a steeper learning curve than Wavemaker. But it offers a free 90-day trial. OutSystems has more advanced features.

In terms of price, Mendix is the best low-code application open-source rapid application development software platform. It offers the most customizable features, but it has a relatively difficult interface. It is also more expensive than OutSystems. It is best for businesses that want to build and deploy applications without much code. Its price is highly competitive and it is best for smaller enterprises.


In terms of functionality, outSystems offers enterprise features that may not be found on Wavemaker. Its high-performance features make it an excellent choice for small-scale companies, but it is also difficult to deploy for small-scale businesses. It offers enterprise-grade security and user management, but it is not as robust as Mendix or PowerApps.

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