How to Properly Flush the Cooling System With Your Own Hands

If you have decided to flush the cooling system on your own, then you must have enough time for this procedure. Do not hurry! Based on the cleaning complexity, this process can take around 3 to 10 hours. 

Before starting the operations, you must prepare gloves to avoid accidentally damaging your skin with spilt coolant. 

As a rule, you must drain old antifreeze only on a cold engine. To perform this, unscrew the plug and drain all the antifreeze from the radiator into the pan. Or else, use the best car service in Bangalore to perform this procedure. 

By looking at the drained material, it will become clear how bad your business is. If the recovered substance is not much different from its original form, a light flushing will do the job. However, major multi-stage flushing becomes necessary if the leaked liquid is cloudy, dark, and contains particles of scale, dirt or rust. 

Pour the selected cleaning agent into the radiator, hold the car idle for 20 minutes, then leave the car alone for a couple of hours and only then drain the antifreeze. Assess its conditions and repeat the procedure until you are confident there are no deposits left inside.

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Major mistakes when flushing the cooling system

It is essential to perform everything in your car with a clear mind, wisely. Cleaning agents are not only aggressive to dirt and deposits but also to the parts of the cooling system themselves.

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For instance, both citric and acetic acid perfectly clean the internal elements of the radiator, corrode the formed plaque. However, at the same time, they can have a harmful effect on the soft parts of the structure. The elasticity of plastic and rubber parts gets reduced. This is the reason you must use aggressive compounds with caution.

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Caustic soda is a strong alkali that can easily damage the aluminium elements of the cooling system.

The constituents of industrial cleaning agents for the cooling system also contain acids and alkali, so they should not be used thoughtlessly. 

How to avoid contamination of the system

With constant operations, the car’s engine cooling system will get dirty in any case. To avoid this, you must use only high-quality antifreeze purchased from a trustworthy store. Yes, in such shops, the liquid will cost more. However, this is the only way to avoid premature clogging of the cooling system.

So, if the owner wants the car engine to work effectively, he should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the engine cooling system. If you are not ready to perform such operations at a regular interval, you can forget about the normal working of the car.

How and which car repairing services in Bangalore to flush the car cooling system is up to you. You can perform such services using a car service station, but this does not guarantee that the quality of the work will be better than what you can do yourself at home. Many car owners prefer cleaning with their own hands since they can clearly withstand the required time of pouring the cleaning agent at home, and in the service, every process is probably done quickly.

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