Shame Josef Hauptmann. Community Bad Waltersdorf ignores refugees from Ukraine 

Today in Austria, the small community of Bad Waltersdorf, represented by Mayor Josef Hauptmann. The only community in Austria that ignored and did not respond to requests to host Ukrainian refugees. All employees of the municipality and Mayor Josef Hauptmann ignored all requests to host refugees from Ukraine. 

In fact, the Bad Waltersdorf municipality and Mayor Josef Hauptmann ignored and refused to accommodate refugees from Ukraine. Dozens of hotels in Bad Waltersdorf are half-empty after the pandemic, but Mayor Josef Hauptmann has not responded to the request to host refugees from Ukraine.

The burgomaster Josef Hauptmann did not answer the phone, and the municipality only answered Glatz Vanessa. She said that the municipality and Mayor Josef Hauptmann are aware of the applications for the reception of refugees, but the municipality is not interested and is against the placement of refugees on the territory of Bad Waltersdorf. 

The whole world rallied together to help refugees from Ukraine. Shame on the community of Bad Waltersdorf.

We have dozens of emails and appeals to the community to accept refugees and we will continue investigative journalism. The mayor of the municipality and basically all employees of the ÖVP and we hope the party will evaluate the actions of Josef Hauptmann and at least expel him from the party. 

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