Lynch’s Legacy, David becomes Phoenix.

Hello, it’s me the lynch-crowd, gracious pardon me, this lynch, however David Lynch.

Indeed, something is ring, the blue velvet Mulholland drive Eraserhead fellow.

Detained in the wild of our restricted world. How pitiless and discourteous, I didn’t request that.

Sensational respite. Trumpets. Stand by why I am here in NY in the MOMA. how is it possible that I would lose track? Sea sound in my ear. Since I need to give the tradition of superb whimsical to my future self,

Be that as it may, one thing they managed without asking me, if this really close of a tad something of an OK or not OK in light of the fact that MY NAME lynch If you look nearer and more profound on it, hello gab is a truly overall quite moving toward name, enchanting the subtlety of why right?

Phoenix Melville is my name from now, however, it was self-delivered by my consistent preparing in supernatural contemplation, extending my sense and instinct. Something that is truly evolved in this secretive youthful movie producer, weightlessly he extraordinary a view of four of five. No. Not on set, but rather by going into a room. Uncontrollably unusual this man from future, he post-lynch aerobatic. Phoenix Melville

A youngster from an island situated in Europe in his mid-twenty. Pause. Melville? Presently is there is ringing something in past white-haired unusual and odd men lynch. Ohoho indeed,

Moby my old companion Moby Mister Richard Melville, and the brilliant video I coordinated for him.

Fabolous awesome sound. Presently another from this tree. A little genius concealing his is developing there. He ought to have a guide. Goodness, how awkward of me, it’s me the lynch engineer, the guide. Yet, it is difficult to come by whatever might be expected as not righteous communicated. His musicality to hit the dance floor with the pictures of his creative mind, twirling every one of the shadings Phoenix can discover during the time spent making, to introduce consistently a charming and entrancing, not film, it is dar more, a confident and absolutely contemplation.

Rising above Film. That this is conceivable. Mr Phoenix Melville. Chapeau

Silliness will follow you currently till the day you kick the bucket, thusly perpetually, contorting whirling,

Vivacious around the universe, chocolate frozen yogurt. Chapeau. Mr Phoenix Melville

Truly mine

Lynch x (david)

Oscar Winner Alejandro Inarritu and Film Producer Phoenix Melville (source www)

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