Interesting Birthday cake Ideas to make the day Memorable

Birthdays are special. A well-decorated and colourful cake can make the day a lot better for your close people. Cakes are not for kids or girls only. Birthday cakes are a great way to convey love and provide a good and sweet meal to everyone visiting the party. So, why use the old chocolate or vanilla cake with flavours every year? Let us make your party and day colourful with beautiful and modern cakes. If you have no idea regarding cakes and baking technique, then follow this article.

Different types of cakes
Cakes are not only a beverage anymore but a way to express your feelings on the board. Artists took baking as a form of fine art and created amazing cakes every day. For example, nowadays you can make a birthday cake with name and photo of the birthday person. A laser printer will print any photograph with edible colours and highlighters. Nothing can be better than a cake with your precious moments for your kid or partner. Especially if you are planning to propose to your partner for marriage or birthday, then printing your cute moments is an excellent idea. Usually, a printed cake is not as trendy as a wedding cake. Modern art techniques can also include it in the wedding cake lists.

Fondant cake
Fondant is another fantastic creation. In the baking techniques having White chocolate, flour mixed with gelatin, or edible adhesives make fondant sheets. It is nothing but thick edible papers or modelling clay stuff. Earlier we could only make cakes with creams and topping. For example, different varieties of whipped cream and buttercreams were the main ingredients of cake decorations. We used to write greetings or draw specific shapes to make the cake pretty and edible. But, nowadays we prefer modern arts On our cakes. Besides, specific character-based cakes are on top of the selling records everywhere. Kids and adults love to have a cake looking like their favourite superhero or thing on their special day. Fondant is the saviour here. Also, these fondants are entirely edible, so you do not have to worry about your kid’s cake volume and health.

Assorted cakes
Assorted cakes are a relatively new concept in the cake industry. We never want to choose between chocolate or strawberry flavours. Also, buttercream and whipped cream are equally tasty to eat. But, we had to choose one for any occasion before. After all, getting four cakes for a birthday is impractical and produces a lot of wastage. Assorted cake boxes came to save us from this turmoil. Nowadays, bakers make cakes of different flavours, shapes, and toppings and add a piece from each variety in a box. You can choose the colours or flavours according to your taste. It saves a lot of money and helps you explore a variety of flavours simultaneously. A box of assorted cakes is sure to add layers of flavours and happiness to your special day.

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Theme cake
The more the cake techniques are improving, bakers are working to take it one notch higher. These cakes are the best example of what a Baker can do. Nowadays, you can find a Disney themed cake for your birthday within five hundred to one thousand dollars. A theme cake mainly includes a primary character and surrounding areas. For example, a Moana cake may include a cake model of Moana surrounded by ocean or a fitting sculpture. Usually, the complete structure of a theme-based cake is not edible. Bakers have to use supporting woods and sticks to hold everything together. Make sure to warn the buyer regarding the sticks before selling them.

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