Get Athletic Benefits with Steroids Even after a Decade of Use

According to new research reports, athletes who have used steroids for a recommended period of time can avail its benefits for their entire life. Experiments have shown that brief exposure to testosterone allowed people to regain their muscle mass for a long time in their life. The research is official now. It is said the use of steroids has shown the presence of muscle memory.

It suggested that if people exercised and used steroids while they were young, their muscles grew more quickly and easily when they exercised later in their lives. It is said that steroids have long lasting benefits on your body. They do not just offer stronger bones and muscles, better muscle mass and endurance but also anti-aging properties. They increase your sex drive and enhance your performance in bed. For athletes, steroids work as a performance enhancer too.

However as per the recent reports, these effects do not just last till the time you consume steroids or a few years after. But the results can be seen after a decade of use. The steroids boost the number of cell nuclei in the muscle fibres.

Ten-year advantage


These nuclei are the base to build strength, endurance and stamina in muscle when someone exercises. So, the additional nuclei gained through steroids such as testosterone remain in your body for a long term.

Despite the age-old belief that steroids cause a lot of side-effects and negative impact on the human body, the Norwegian reports suggest that steroids can have a good long lasting impact on your body.

For a bodybuilder looking forward to building muscle mass, it will be great to have a long term effect. Usually a 10-year effect on your body will definitely help you make stronger, better muscles for the time period.

But there is a downside to it. According to the Norwegians, the World Anti-Doping Agency after seeing the report, have raised the penalty of dopers from two years to four. So, sportspeople and athletes may suffer with their protocol. However, other than this, if you just want to boost your sex drive or get anti-aging results or simply love to build body, then choosing steroids is a great option. It will have a long term effect on your body and the best part is the effect is positive.

According to a research done in Sweden a few years back, it was found that sportspersons who had once used steroids had a benefit in their sports years even after they had stopped it for a long time.

The researchers revealed that those athletes who had used steroids had a bigger number of cell nuclei in their quadriceps as compared to those who are undergoing high intensity training at present.

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